Who Received the Biggest Arcus Grant of 2013?

The great apes need help and that's where the Arcus Foundation comes in. The foundation’s wildlife focus lies largely in conserving habitat and promoting improved sanctuaries for great apes like gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees. Most grants land in the $50,000-$300,000 range. In fact, only one grant last year broke the half-million mark and that organization won big. In 2013, the organization Save the Chimps earned a $2,430,000 grant, which is by far the largest grant awarded by Arcus (see IP’s profile) last year for conservation. 

Save the Chimps is a non-profit that builds and supports permanent sanctuaries for chimpanzees rescued from research labs, entertainment, and the pet trade. The organization, which has been around since 1997, bought its first sanctuary with an Arcus grant. The relationship has grown since then with Jon Stryker, the founder and president of Arcus, sitting on the Save the Chimps board of directors.

Save the Chimps has been a long-time recipient of large grants from the Arcus Foundation. Since 2007, Save the Chimps has received at least a couple million dollars from Arcus each year. In the past, these grants have gone towards supporting sanctuaries in Florida and Mexico, ensuring the chimps there receive high quality care. Last year however Save the Chimps was funded for something new.

Save the Chimps’ big grant for 2013 went not to the chimps, but rather to support part of the organization’s strategic plan. Save the Chimps will use their 2013 grant to “support continued revenue diversification goals.” The organization currently relies heavily on donations – receiving about 56% of its revenue from foundations and 41% from general donations. How it plans to diversify its funding has not been stated on their website.

It does appear though that while the Arcus Foundation will continue to support its long-time partner, the foundation is also happy Save the Chimps won’t be relying solely on them for support. A sound financial strategy is important to any successful organization, and pursuing multiple financial streams is almost always a good idea.