Where is the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s Research Funding Headed in 2016?

To close out 2015, the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s executive director, Christine Buckley, wrote a blog post titled “The Awareness Express.” In it, she mentioned a few developments coming this year for the foundation, providing a useful rundown of the topics reshaping the funder’s priorities.

Awareness is a big theme for 2016, and the foundation is completing three separate projects to boost awareness about brain aneurysms. The situation for brain aneurysm sufferers is still pretty grim these days, not only because of a lack of research and funding, but also because of poor awareness within the medical profession and general public.

One way the foundation is addressing this is through support for the production of a video for EMS providers, nurses, and other urgent care medical providers, showing ways to recognize the signs and symptoms of a brain aneurysm. Mitchell Stuart, an award-winning producer, developed a public service announcement and a documentary highlighting the tragic tale of a 14-year-old girl who lost her life to a brain aneurysm rupture.

BAF is also developing educational materials about the disorder for children. The foundation has recently engaged in internal personnel changes, with new members joining the board of directors and a new PR team.

Last year, the foundation awarded $265,000 to 13 grant recipients based throughout the U.S. and Canada. Recent grants went to individual researchers affiliated with academic institutions like Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and hospitals like Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The grants ranged between $10,000 and $25,000. Grantmaking has been slowly but steadily ramping up from 2014, which saw $230,000 in total grants, and 2013, which saw $205,000 in total grants.

Examples of recent research topics that have caught BAF’s attention include the following:

  • Exome Sequencing Study of Dominant Mutations in Familial Brain Aneurysms
  • MicroRNA in Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms:  Fostering a Mechanism of Early Detection
  • Intravenous Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy on Aneurysm Formation in a Rabbit Model

The next research grant program deadline is May 18, 2016 (by 5:00 pm EST). For budgetary purposes, your project start date should be October 1. Applicants will be contacted in August if they are an award recipient. All research must be conducted in either the U.S. or Canada; however, researchers don’t necessarily need to be U.S. or Canadian citizens.

Also of note, the foundation has set aside a $25,000 grant opportunity specifically for a project focused on early detection. To learn more about this funder, see IP's full profile, Brain Aneurysm Foundation: Brain Research & Treatment

Read through the guidelines and download the application on the foundation’s Applying for a Research Grant page. All questions should be directed to Buckley at Christine@bafound.org. Applications should be emailed to her in PDF form and also mailed as a hard copy to the Hanover, Massachusetts office.