Boise State Kicks Off a New Year of Crowdfunding with PonyUp

File this one under “puns too good to pass up”Boise State University (home of the Boise State Broncos) calls its crowdfunding platform PonyUp, and the year-old project is getting off to a slow but steady start.

For its inaugural project, Boise State chose a hummingbird banding program at its Intermountain Bird Observatorynot the sexiest campaign, but one that nonetheless raised over $6,000 and exceeded its goal.

It seems that Boise state was happy with the result, as it is rolling out a set of new campaigns for the springfour new projects are now live, including an effort to sponsor the Boise State Spirit Squad’s trip to a national competition and helping a local nonprofit that trains community members with employee boundaries in glassworking.

All but one of the five completed projects met their fundraising goalsBoise State’s Blue Thunder Marching band raised only $10,000 of its $15,000 goal. Let’s chalk that one up to the marching band, not the platform.