Chicago-Area Historical Society Incorporates Crowdfunding into Major Capital Campaign

The Evanston History Center, headquarted in the historic Charles Gates Dawes House in Evanston, Illinois, is trying a new fundraising strategy in the midst of its $4 million capital campaign.

The center will try to match a recent $29,000 gift with an online crowdfunding campaign through Crowdrise. The campaign will last a month and seems to be off to a decent startdonors have already pledged over $2,000 to the cause.

The effort is an example of an interesting strategy for crowdfundingusing it as a special accompaniment to a larger campaign. It doesn’t appear that the funds raised through the EHC’s Crowdrise campaign will go toward anything different than the larger capital campaign.

Instead, the specific, urgent call for donationsover just one month and in response to a challenge giftappeals to a different kind of donor than might contribute to the regular campaign.

EHC is pushing its “Make an Impact” February campaign on its website, through Twitter with daily tweets, and on Facebook with photos and updates.

Crowdrise features a flat 3 percent fee that includes credit card charges, and campaigns get to keep every dollar raised even if they don’t meet their goals.