More Dollars for Disaster From the UPS Foundation

The UPS Foundation, the company's charitable arm, provides disaster relief organizations with a full package of assistance. This package often includes large grants, transportation, inventory-tracking software, and teams of technical experts who advise grantee organizations about how to disseminate food, medical supplies, and other necessary goods as efficiently and rapidly as possible.

A huge area of focus for the UPS Foundation has been providing disaster relief and recovery assistance both in terms of cold hard cash and in-kind support. The foundation recently announced that it would shell out over $10 million to humanitarian relief, recovery, and preparedness efforts around the globe.

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The over $10 million in planned support from the foundation is largely funneled to its long-time partners including the UNHCR for the expansion of UPS Relief Link; UNICEF for its work strengthening immunization supply chains; the World Food Program for its logistics capacity assessment work; and GAVI in support of its work in increased efficacy in vaccine supply chains. Of course, there are a host of smaller organizations getting a lift from UPS as well, such as Good360, St. Bernard Project, and FIA Foundation.

It should be noted that the UPS Foundation does have other funding interests such as conservation. For instance, it recently planted 3 million trees worldwide, and contributes anywhere from $2 million to $4 million annually toward environmental causes. However, disaster relief is the signature issue for this foundation. But money is generally not the only thing grantees receive when they partner up with UPS, as we've reported in the past.


The UPS Foundation and the company have been known not only to provide financial support, but often provide transportation vehicles, inventory tracking software, and volunteers, if necessary. For example, it trained UPS logistics officers to be frontline responders in disasters and then placed them in Red Cross units working in the U.S. Gulf region following Hurricane Katrina.

More recently, the foundation provided over $1 million of grant funding and in-kind support to UNICEF to help out Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Iraq. This included the delivery of 20,000 winter clothing kits to and 220,000 pounds of emergency aid to the region including health kits, education kits, water and sanitation supplies, and ready-to-use therapeutic food.

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Overall, the UPS Foundation is pretty selective when choosing which organizations to support, both financially and with in-kind donations, and the foundation typically earmarks its big-dollar donations to longtime partners such as UNHCR, UNICEF, and the global chapters of the Red Cross. However, the foundation doesn’t accept or respond to unsolicited proposals.

That said, the UPS foundation has always supported the local communities in which it operates. And that means a lot of opportunities for grantseekers worldwide, given that the company has close to 2,000 operating facilities around the globe. And when it throws in the services of the company, overall support from UPS is close to full-service as you can get.

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