Procter & Gamble Fund: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: The Procter & Gamble Fund supports water projects and WASH efforts in regions of the world in which the company operates. 

IP TAKE: This fund offers large awards to NGOs both big and small.

PROFILE: Procter and Gamble Fund partners with Proctor & Gamble Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) to handle its day-to-day business activities; however, P&G conducts all of the fund's oversight regarding its philanthropic activities and strategies. The corporation also makes recommendations for funding. The P&G fund supports projects to benefit the global communities in which the company operates, which conducts business in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and North America. The fund prioritizes WASH and water projects. 

P&G global health investments prioritize hygiene education. It does so in order to promote healthy hygiene habits that prevent sanitation-related illnesses. According to P&G, its focus on hygiene helps “[w]ork toward the United Nations Millennium Development Goals focused on housing and sanitation as well as child and maternal health.” While the MDGs expired in 2015, housing, sanitation, and child and maternal health remain areas of focus in the U.N.’s post-2015 sustainable development agenda.  

The company’s Children’s Safe Water Fund also awards grants to NGOs that are providing safe drinking water in developing countries. This fund operates in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. 

Although P&G does not offer public information on its grantee list, the fund has historically made awards between $20,000 to $100,000. On occasion, the fund offers grants that range from $200,000 to $1.5 million.

The P&G Fund runs two grant application cycles from July 1 to September 30 and from December 1 to February 28. The fund warns that those deadlines are subject to change, so interested grant seekers should look over P&G’s website. GCF does not accept unsolicited proposals for the P&G Fund. Grant seekers must complete an application available on the fund’s website.


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