ViiV Healthcare: Grants for Global Health

OVERVIEW: ViiV Healthcare, based in the United Kingdom, addresses HIV/AIDS around the world. The company, with offices in 16 countries, supports community groups working on HIV/AIDS initiatives in areas where it does business. Regardless of geography, ViiV also funds projects that halt the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to child during pregnancy.

IP TAKE: ViiV prioritizes organizations that work with some of the most marginalized HIV/AIDS populations in the world. Grant seekers whose work does not align with ViiV’s agenda are unlikely to secure a grant.

PROFILE: ViiV Healthcare is an independent, global specialist HIV company established in 2009 through a unique partnership between pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. It seeks “new partnerships to help strengthen education, support services, local healthcare capacity and capabilities and to reduce stigma.” ViiV seeks to deliver innovative new options for the care and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS. Shionogi joined the group in 2012. Based in the United Kingdom, ViiV supports a variety of HIV/AIDs issues by supporting access to its medicines, community partnerships, and supporting innovative HIV/AIDS research. Although ViiV remains for profit, its philanthropic activities are impressive and wide-reaching, and supported through various initiatives and funds. 

The Positive Action for Children Fund program is a partnership between ViiV Healthcare, MTV/Staying Alive Foundation and the International AIDS Society and Keep A Child Alive. Grant seekers are awarded an unrestricted grant of $10,000 and are invited to attend the International AIDS Conference, which can offer organizations an international platform. Grant seekers can apply here.

Viiv Healthcare's Paediatric Innovation Seed Fund supports "[p]artnerships that focus on expanding the evidence base for pediatric care and treatment and the development of pediatric fixed-dose combination (FDC) medicines. The organization's Positive Action for Girls & Women has committed £2 million a year until 2020 to address the "[h]armful cultural norms that limit the aspirations of girls and women, and increase their vulnerability to HIV." The program seeks to reduce the commoditization of girls, and support existing projects and organizations that advocate for girls and women. Grantees receive £50,000 over two years. Grant seekers may apply here, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Similarly, the Positive Action for MSM & Transgender seeks community-based organizations that exist in "[r]esource-limited settings and environments hostile to MSM and transgender people." ViiV accepts proposals for interventions at the individual, interpersonal/network, community, healthcare facility/institutional or structural level. Grantees also receive £50,000 divided over two years; however, if a project represents a collaboration between multiple organizations, grant seekers may qualify for £70,000 over two years. Grant seekers can apply here

ViiV's efforts boast of several initiatives and funds which grant seekers should read (website) thoroughly to better ascertain whether their project would be a strong fit. 


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