The National Christian Foundation Is a Top Backer of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, the National Christian Foundation makes hundreds of millions of dollars in grants a year to "enable followers of Christ to give wisely to advance His Kingdom." On the foundation's grantee list: literally hundreds of crisis pregnancy centers, geographically scattered throughout the United States.

Having achieved commercial success in the financial planning and publishing industries, three like-minded Christian finance gurus established the National Christian Foundation in 1982. Now among the largest donor-advised funds in the country, the NCF earns investors more tax-breaks than they'd get from private foundations, and ensures a level of anonymity to individuals who might not want their names directly associated with some of the NCF's more controversial beneficiaries.

The NCF gives much of its money to support churches, evangelism initiatives, Christian education (including college), and religious camps for children. Most of the NCF's grants are not largeoften a few hundred or a few thousand dollars eachmeaning the more than $1 billion the NCF has given away since its inception is relatively spread out among organizations.

With respect to crisis pregnancy centers in particularthose deceptive pseudo-health clinics that seek to persuade women seeking abortions to bring their pregnancies to termNCF's attitude appears to be "the more, the better," and it has been a reliable friend to such centers, no matter where they operate.

The number of crisis pregnancy centers the National Christian Foundation gives to every year is unclear, but the figure reaches well into the hundreds. We can highlight a few of the NCF's larger, recent grants to organizations working to impose their limited concept of reproductive choice on women around the country. Its last available tax filings reveal that the NCF gave $96,000 to Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, $94,394 to Texas' Arlington Pregnancy Center, and similar or lesser amounts to a constellation of organizations with similar anti-abortion service offerings. Also on NCF's recent grant list is the $92,425 it gave to Americans United for Life, an anti-abortion advocacy group with a legal focus.