The Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation: Grants for Brain Research and Treatment

OVERVIEW: This funder supports a variety of autism-related endeavors, including neuroimaging, genetics, conferences, treatments, advocacy, anatomy and physiology, communications, and cellular and molecular mechanisms.

IP TAKE: Try to get involved with one of the foundation’s symposia to connect with this funder. Collaboration is important here, and the foundation publishes upcoming events on its website pretty regularly.

PROFILE: The Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation was established in 1977 to “help individuals with autism lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.” From a research standpoint, the foundation supports projects that aim for a deeper understanding of the biological basis of the condition, with focuses on genetics, neurobiology, systems biology, synaptic chemistry, and the physiology of movement. It regularly funds peer-reviewed research, investigator collaboration projects, and research fellowships.

NLMFF’s Grants address a wide range of issues surround autism spectrum disorder:

  • Advocacy, Education, and Social Policy grants support “capacity-building of public organizations,” “nourishing progressive advocacy networks,” “educating the public,” “expanding community opportunities inclusive of individuals with autism,” and “examining public policy issues related to autism.”

  • Anatomy and Physiology grants prioritize “research focused on exploring differences in brain structure and function in autism.”

  • Communications grants support “projects aimed at investigating communication difficulties as well as communication capacities and options for individuals with autism.”

  • Sponsored Symposia include “a diversity of workshops and conferences that seek to synthesize new knowledge, address identified needs, and catalyze social change.”

  • Genetics grants support “genetics projects to deepen our understanding of the underlying molecular and biological processes involved in autism.”

  • Neuroimaging grants support “the use of novel brain imaging technologies to elucidate areas of brain structure and activity which may shed light on autism.”

  • Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms grants fund research to identify “cellular circuits which control the responses to outside stimulation by growth or stress factors,” along with “other areas of biochemistry.”

  • Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis grants support “research aimed at improving treatments including biomedical, pharmacological, psychosocial, and assistive technologies that will improve the quality of life for those living with autism.”

  • Treatment grants fund “research leading to enhanced diagnostic procedures for those persons with autism who are nonverbal or have limited speech.”

Unfortunately for grantseekers, the NLM Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Visit the links above for more information on projects the foundation has supported in the past.


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