Arcus Foundation: Grants for Animals and Wildlife

OVERVIEW: Arcus is a leading supporter of work to protect great apes; however, it gives a wide array of grants to different kinds of organizations involved with primates in the United States and abroad.

IP TAKE: Grantseekers should not be discouraged if their work does not address great apes. Arcus supports a variety of grantmaking. 

PROFILE: The Arcus Foundation is equally dedicated to LGBT equality and the conservation of apes. John L. Stryker, the founder and heir to the medical technology company Stryker Corporation, names justice and compassion as the links between the two areas. Arcus also maintains two offices, one in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the other based in New York City.

Arcus seeks projects that protect the interests of apes and all other primates around the world through its Great Apes program. Headed by Dutch primatologist Annette Lanjouw, this program carries out a threefold mission: raise public recognition of apes, preserve their populations from displacement by human development, and build a global conservation movement. While Lanjouw serves as a co-executive director at Arcus, she retains her responsibilities over the Great Apes and Social Justice programs.

Its grants fund programs for apes in captivity and for wild apes alike. Not surprisingly, ape-focused conservation giants, such as Jane Goodall Institute and Save the Chimps, are among its program beneficiaries. But there are obviously plenty of conservation organizations that are not primarily focused on apes, but whose conservation work aids ape populations around the world. Such organizations are just as eligible for ape-related grant funding from Arcus. One past example is the Zoological Society of London, whose awarded project aimed to ensure better wildlife management and logging practices in ape-populated forests of Cameroon. To access the foundation's full list and interactive map of grantees, click here.

Arcus accepts unsolicited applications year-round via its website. Consult their website for the necessary forms and the portal where you can begin the application process. 


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