Ann Campana Judge Foundation: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: The Ann Campana Judge Foundation gives a handful of smaller grants every year to U.S.-based nonprofits and individuals working in the global development areas of water and sanitation. It focuses efforts on El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua.

IP TAKE: This may be a good secondary funder for outfits working on a large water project, which the foundation tends to appreciate. It also requires potential grantees to show that their work will be enduring and self-sustaining.

PROFILE: Ann Campana Judge, the globe-trotting director of travel at National Geographic, was killed on September 11, 2001 when her flight out of Dulles crashed into the Pentagon as part of a suicide hijacking. During her lifetime, Judge took a special interest in the well-being of people in developing countries, where she spent a lot of time over the years. The Ann Campana Judge Foundation pays homage to its namesake's legacy by improving infrastructure related to health, water, and sanitation in developing countries.

The Judge Foundation, a smaller funder, awards only a handful of grants per year, and those grants don't usually exceed $15,500 while also funding many of its own projects. To get a better idea of the specific projects the foundation likes to fund, grantseekers should look over its current projects list and financials

The foundation restricts its giving to U.S.-based organizations working specifically in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua. The foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, so establishing a relationship with it before submitting a letter of inquiry is crucial. Proposals should be focused on community water supplies or WASH sanitation, and demonstrate sustainability after Judge’s grant money has been spent.


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