PepsiCo Foundation: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: The PepsiCo Foundation invests in several global development issues through its Global Citizenship initiatives. PepsiCo is very discerning in its grantmaking. 

IP TAKE: In order to secure PepsiCo funding, grantseekers' organizations must be large, established and transformative. Organizations that do not meet this description still have some opportunity to secure funding; however, their organizations must implement innovative solutions to some of the most pressing global development challenges.

PROFILE: The PepsiCo Foundation strives to be “[g]ood stewards of our planet’s resources and good corporate citizens everywhere we operate, serve, and live.” Given the beverage giant’s global presence, the geographic possibilities are many. All of Pepsi’s global development grantmaking is based on its corporate credo of “Performance with a Purpose,” which focuses on products, people and the planet

The foundation's Global Citizenship portfolio further names a wide range of global development issues such as: healthy lifestyles, affordable nutrition, access to clean water, sustainable agriculture, job readiness, and empowering women and girls. Related grants are awarded through the foundation’s Strategic Grants program. Through its Global Citizenship portfolio, PepsiCo also supports disaster relief and recovery efforts around the world. Awards depend largely on the size and scope of global disasters. In the past, organizations like Save the Children, International Rescue, and the American Red Cross have received PepsiCo grants for disaster relief.

While PepsiCo largely supports established and well-known organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank or the WHOs World Food Program, it occasionally strays from this giving pattern and awards grants to smaller, innovative organizations like and the Rwanda Girls Initiative.

Grantseekers must approach the foundation directly since PepsiCo typically gives fewer than 10 global development grants every year.


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