Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation: Grants for Global Development

OVERVIEW: The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation supports global development grantmaking through environmental conservation and climate change.  

IP TAKE: Groups working on different aspects of the foundation’s stated areas of global development interest working in research, technological innovation, and field work can apply for funding. In general, this foundation seeks organizations that embrace measurability, replicability, sustainable development, and the involvement of local populations.

PROFILE: Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi — Monaco's reigning monarch, real estate billionaire, and son of iconic actress Grace Kelly — believes that climate change is the most pressing global issue of our time. In 2006, he founded the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to "[c]arry out projects and implement concrete activities in [its] priority action areas," which are the Mediterranean basin, Polar Regions and least-developed countries as defined by the United Nations official list. The foundation's priority action areas include combatting deforestation, increasing our knowledge of biodiversity, conserving endangered species, developing marine protected areas, the continued development of energy efficiency and renewable energies and combatting ocean acidification.

The foundation dedicates about 25 percent of its annual grantmaking budget to global development issues related to water shortage, deforestation and desertification. Grants average about $125,000. The foundation also supports projects that promote access to efficient and renewable energies in impoverished populations.

In general, the foundation prioritizes established organizations with long track records. For example, in the past it has supported Action Against Hunger’s project helping vulnerable smallholder farming communities adapt to the effects of persistent droughts and Where the Rain Falls' program, which studies the connection between rainfall amounts, human mobility, and food security. The foundation has also awarded grants to water and sanitation organizations like One Drop and WaterAid.

For a better idea of the organizations the Prince Albert II Foundation supports, peruse over its annual report.  

The foundation's grantmaking is competitive since it funds less than 10 percent of the proposals that it receives. The foundation's grant review process is relatively transparent, but it is also rigorous and comprises multiple steps.

The foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited grant applications and requests for funding. It plans to announce information regarding its next call for proposals sometime in 2019. 


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