Dominion Foundation: Grants for Higher Education

OVERVIEW: The Dominion Foundation focuses on education, environmental stewardship, community development, social services, and arts and culture in the states it works in and serves.

IP TAKE: The Dominion Foundation is deeply committed to supporting higher education from multiple angles; however, it only serves those regions where the energy company provides electricity or natural gas.

PROFILE: Dominion is a U.S. energy provider and transporter. Like many companies of its kind, it also runs a foundation, and the Dominion Foundation (previously called the Consolidated Natural Gas Company Foundation) works toward "improving the physical, social and economic well-being of the communities served by Dominion companies." Its focus areas include human needs, education, environmental stewardship, and community vitality.

Education is one of the Dominion Foundation’s cornerstones. Most of Dominion’s education grants go to broadly funding education initiatives and school- and job-readiness programs, “to help teens prepare for jobs or bridge to post-secondary programs in engineering, math, or science.” Dominion also offers scholarships, such as Dominion Energy Careers in Energy at Three Rivers Community College, and the Dominion Energy Credit Union Scholarships, which provide up to $2,000 annually to applicants who belong to the energy company’s credit union.

A handful of grants also fund conservation and climate change research and work occurring in higher education through its Environmental Stewardship Grants program. This program emphasizes "specific, short-term projects that promise measurable results to improve the environment" through "Protecting and preserving natural habitats," "Improving open spaces," "Making nature accessible," or "Educating the public about environmental stewardship."

Grants typically from $1,000 to $15,000. Most grant programs have an open application process, but the grants are competitive and the guidelines are strict. Dominion advises applicants to read through its Grant Guidelines and Restrictions, as well as its Grant FAQ before applying.


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