Tosa Foundation: Grants for Higher Education

OVERVIEW: John and Tashia Morgridge, the philanthropists behind the TOSA Foundation, have kept a low profile, but since signing the Giving Pledge, they have given up some of their anonymity. The foundation prioritizes education grantmaking, particularly K-12; however, it funds some higher education grants.

IP TAKE: TOSA lacks transparency restricting information about its grantmaking strategies and priorities. It does not maintain a website or publish grant guidelines, but it appears that this funder's (generally invitation-only) giving focuses on a small number of longtime partners, mostly in California (especially the Bay Area), Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. 

PROFILE: Founded in 2010, the TOSA Foundation has no web presence except for a domain warning visitors about fraudulent impostors. Tax filings suggest the foundation funds animal welfare, arts and culture, education, the environment, human services, international development, international relations, and youth organizing.

John and Tashia Morgridge maintain active foundation roles, and have developed relationships with longtime partners. For instance, the foundation has supported Reading Recovery in East Palo Alto for decades.

According to tax filings, the foundation prioritizes funding California, particularly the San Francisco Bay Area, and in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. The Morgridges have also fund higher education institutions closer to home. The Morgridges have generously supported their alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, for decades. Stanford University, where John Morgridge earned his MBA, is another major higher education grantee.

Tashia Morgridge was a longtime educator, and education is certainly a major area of focus for the foundation. Historically, the foundation has prioritized K-12 education, but it also supports teacher training programs. This area may be one way that colleges, universities, and higher education grantseekers can work their way into TOSA funding.

The website’s sole page states that the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.


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TOSA Foundation
c/o Tashia Morgridge
3130 Alpine Road, PMB 705
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