Braitmayer Foundation: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: The Braitmayer Foundation supports innovative programs for K-12 education, as well as teacher education, teacher retention and professional development.

IP TAKE: The Braitmayer Foundation funds a broad range of K-12 education programs and maintains a strong interest in teachers’ career development. This funder accepts proposals through its online grant application process.

PROFILE: The Braitmayer Foundation was established by Marian Braitmayer in 1964 and is run by the third generation of the Braitmayer family. Based in Marion, Massachusetts, it prioritizes innovative reform in K-12 education, as well as teacher education, professional development and practices that “encourage people of high ability and diverse background to enter and remain in K-12 teaching.” The Braitmayer Foundation also supports nonprofits that enrich the lives of its local community.

Rather than commit grantmaking through a program dedicated to education, Braitmayer broadly funds education. However, it prioritizes “curricular and school reform initiatives” as well as “[p]reparation of and professional development opportunities for teachers, particularly those which encourage people of high ability and diverse background to enter and remain in K-12 teaching.”

This foundation limits its grantmaking to the U.S., and its maximum grant amount is $35,000. It maintains an open, online application process with distinct guidelines and funds both small and established organizations. Past Braitmayer grantees include Advocates for Youth, an organization that supports high quality, developmentally appropriate and inclusive sex education in schools across the United States by provided free materials and teacher support. The foundation also supported Native American Community Academy of New Mexico, which launched three schools that aim to combine rigorous academics with practices that are nurturing and inclusive of Native American culture. A complete list of grantees is available on its website.

Braitmayer accepts Letters of Inquiry between February 1st and March 15th and generally tries to notify applicants by March of the following year. It requires full proposals, for those selected to proceed, by October 15th. Successful organizations must wait two years before applying again.