Goldman Sachs: Grants for K-12 Education

OVERVIEW: Goldman Sachs, a leading financial corporation, runs philanthropic initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs, small business development, underserved communities and organizations in which its employees are involved.

IP TAKE: This funder does not accept unsolicited proposals; only senior management may recommend organizations for funding.

PROFILE: Goldman Sachs, a U.S.-based multinational financial firm, has run its corporate engagement program since 2008. Based in New York City, Goldman Sachs is committed to “taking philanthropic action based on discipline, innovation and a strategic approach.”

It runs four funding initiatives: 10,000 Women, which supports women entrepreneurs around the world; 10,000 Small Businesses, which supports the development of small businesses in the U.S.; Goldman Sachs Gives, which helps to solve economic and social problems in underserved communities globally and Community Teamworks, which invests in the organizations in which the company’s employees are involved. The corporation also runs veterans and sponsorship programs in the communities where it maintains branch offices.

Support for education stems mainly from the organization’s Goldman Sachs Gives initiative. This program operates as a donor-advised fund, with senior employees and retirees of Goldman Sachs recommending organizations for funding. One past recipient, the Harlem Children’s Zone, used funding to construct a charter school, Promise Academy, in New York City. Another grantee, Greenhouse Sports, used funding to expand its sports and mentoring programs in underprivileged neighborhoods in London.  Goldman Sachs has supported organizations in 80 nations around the world. A list of past recipients is available on the company’s grantees page.

Goldman Sachs does not accept unsolicited proposals for funding; potential applicants should address their requests directly to senior-level employees of the company.


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