Cari Tuna

NET WORTH: $8 billion

SOURCE of WEALTH: Facebook

FUNDING AREAS: Global Health and Development, Marriage Equality, Drug Policy Reform

OVERVIEW: The wife of Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz is quickly becoming an outspoken leader on philanthropic issues such as measuring impact and transparency. Taking the lead in the couple’s philanthropy as President of their Good Ventures Foundation, she is very methodical in her approach, and is intent on making the greatest impact possible on the causes she and Dustin choose to support.

BACKGROUND: A Yale graduate and former Wall St. Journal reporter, Tuna covered enterprise and technology in the Bay Area, where she met husband and Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz. Even before they were engaged, they worked to establish Good Ventures as a vehicle for Dustin’s (and her) philanthropy.


U.S. CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM: Though Good Ventures supports a variety of causes, much of their giving prioritizes criminal justice reform. Past grantees include Fair and Just Prosecution, the Vera Institute of Justice, and Promise of Justice Initiative — Prison Reform Coalition, among many others. Giving in this area dominates much of the foundation’s work.

ANIMAL WELFARE: Tuna’s foundation has also increased funding for the protection of animals across the globe. Past grantees include The Humane Society of the United States — Corporate Cage-Free Campaigns and Mercy For Animals — International Cage-Free Advocacy.

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Good Venture’s science research prioritizes both medical and scientific research. Past grantmaking in this area has funded Alzheimer’s research and a range of projects focused on Artificial Intelligence and its risks, as well as

BIOSECURITY AND PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS: In recent years, Tuna’s giving has transformed into new concerns, among them the growing need to prepare for pandemics in the face of climate change and rising nationalism pressures. Good Ventures generously supports millions in global catastrophic risk prevention. Past grantees include Future of Humanity Institute — Work on Global Catastrophic Risks and ClimateWorks Foundation — Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program. There is some funding available here for climate change, which is considered a risk multiplier.

LOOKING FORWARD: Good Ventures does not currently accept unsolicited requests for funding, or even inquiries, claiming this “allows their small staff to focus on deliberate, proactive research and grantmaking.” Instead, they tend to look to Give Well for advice on where their money may have the greatest impact. Tuna and Moskovitz are still at the beginning of a long journey though, so once they have researched and identified problems they want to tackle more thoroughly, there may be a little more room for organizations seeking funding. Tuna has also clearly seen the benefits of supporting policy organizations in helping to increase the impact of her philanthropy.



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