How to Secure a 2017 Rosenlund Family Foundation Grant in Philly

The Haverford, Pennsylvania-based Rosenlund Family Foundation keeps a pretty low profile and actually only recently came onto our radar for Philadelphia grantmaking. Funding here is somewhat limited (about $3 million in assets as of last year), but this is a niche funder that’s definitely worth getting to know if you’re running a small or mid-sized nonprofit in Philly.

With the application period just around the corner, here are a few tips on how to secure a Rosenlund Family Foundation grant for 2017.

Focus on Arts & Environmental Education

This is a youth funder, but it’s one with a very specific mission. Rosenlund pretty much exclusively funds long-term arts and environmental education programs serving children and youth in Philadelphia’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. The key here to remember is “long-term.”

Rosenlund isn’t looking to support pilot projects, new start-ups, or brand new initiatives that don’t already have committed funding. And interestingly, elementary, secondary, and higher educational institutions are not considered by Rosenlund for funding.

Make Sure Your Program Serves Disadvantaged Youth

Whether you take the arts or the environmental angle, make sure that your program is specifically targeting disadvantaged youth in Philadelphia. Even though the funder is headquartered in Haverford, grants are primarily made to organizations that are located in and that serve constituents in Philadelphia.

Proposal narratives shouldn’t be more than four pages, and a list of required information and attachments is included on the downloadable application form. Creativity, nature, and school and workforce readiness are top priorities for this funder.  

Request Between $2,000 and $5,000

All grants are typically in this monetary range, so don’t request a grant that’s significantly more than this. Last year, the funder reported about $153,000 in total giving, and there’s been no indication that this will increase or decrease on average in the near future.

Also, steer clear of multi-year funding requests, but rather pitch a  project that can be completed in a year or less. Recent grants can be viewed here to see who much other local organizations have been getting.

Submit Your Proposal in January or February  

Organizations with annual operating budgets of $1.5 million or less are invited to apply for a Rosenlund grant between January 1 and February 28, 2017. You can email your proposal as a single PDF document or snail-mail it to the foundation’s executive director, Ms. Dale Mitchell, at PO Box 297, Haverford, PA 19041. However, email is the preferred method of contact.

Ms. Mitchell and the six-member board of trustees will be reviewing all of the applications between March and May, and grants will be awarded in June. If you have questions about the application process or to discuss your project to see if it’s a fit for Rosenlund, reach out to Ms. Mitchell by email