“Considerable Growth.” The Cape Cod Foundation Sees a Rise in Donors and Giving

photo: liran finzi sokolovski/shutterstock

photo: liran finzi sokolovski/shutterstock

Nonprofits in and around Barnstable County, Massachusetts, which consists of Cape Cod and the associated islands, are likely well-acquainted with the Cape Cod Foundation. CCF will turn 30 next year, and has been experiencing growth in several areas.

In 2017, which is described on its site as a year of “considerable growth,” it gave $3.4 million in grants and scholarships—an increase of a half-million over 2016. It has distributed more than $55 million since its inception. Its net assets grew $9.3 million in 2017, reaching $61.5 million in total. This organization continues to focus on the Cape in health and human services, arts and culture, youth development, the environment, and education, with educational scholarship giving recently hitting a new high in 2018.

Like many community foundations, the CCF now offers a diverse array of contribution methods and avenues to entice donors. It accepts gifts of cash, publicly traded stocks, appreciated securities, mutual funds, real estate, planned gifts, and credit card donations. Its 250 funds include discretionary, designated, agency, scholarship, donor advised, and fiscal agent and sponsor funds. CCF added 19 new funds to its portfolio last year. A full list is available online.

In 2018, CCF hit a milestone in education funding when it awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships to 140 local students, breaking the half-million mark in this arena for the first time.

“Clearly, our community values education and wants to provide students with resources and opportunities that will enrich their lives now and in the future,” said Kristin O’Malley, CCF president and CEO.

Another noteworthy recent initiative, highlighted in the 2017 annual report, is called “Cape Cod 2020: A New Vision for Our Community.” In the fall of last year, the Cape Cod Foundation team met with “community influencers” and asked them to form a new philanthropic collaborative. Over the next three to five years, they plan to impact two areas of the Cape community identified as high-need but underfunded: youth development and organizational capacity-building. CCF reports that by the end of 2017, this collaborative raised almost $400,000 in discretionary funds and aims to reach $1 million within five years.

The Cape Cod Foundation accepts unsolicited grant requests from local nonprofits through an online application. The current grants page offers more specifics.