Top Things to Know about Don and Maggie Buchwald’s New York Giving

Brooklyn College is among the New York institutions receiving Buchwald support. Creative Family/shutterstock

Brooklyn College is among the New York institutions receiving Buchwald support. Creative Family/shutterstock

While Don Buchwald isn’t a household name, most people have heard of the talk radio icon Howard Stern. Through his talent managing business, Don Buchwald & Associates, Buchwald is known for representing Stern and being a longtime agent in show business—building a business that’s been hugely lucrative. Now in his 80s, Buchwald and his wife, Maggie, have turned their attention to philanthropy, while his daughter, Julia, has been expanding the agency’s presence in Los Angeles.

Here are a few things to know about how the Buchwald couple gives locally around New York City.

The Buchwalds Prioritize the Performing Arts

The bulk of Buchwald giving is centered on the arts, which makes sense, considering Don Buchwald’s background. Theater, in particular, is a big focus. Past grantees include Broadway Cares, Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, the Atlantic Theater and the Berkshire International Film Festival.

In addition to theater grants, the couple has also supported education causes, as well as local health and human services needs.

Major Education and Culture Organizations Receive Support

Maggie Buchwald is involved in the local arts and culture scene in New York City, as well, serving in senior positions for big-name organizations around town. Some of these affiliations are the American Ballet Theater, Thirteen/WNET, and the New York University Medical Center. Thus far, many Buchwald grants have gone to well-known institutions like these with which they have personal affiliations.

Brooklyn is a Key Location for Giving

Brooklyn is close to Don Buchwald’s heart, which makes him a philanthropist to know for nonprofits in the borough. Buchwald was raised in Brooklyn by a schoolteacher mom and a dad who worked in the curtain business. He enrolled in Brooklyn College at the age of 16 with an interest in becoming an actor. After taking a break from school for an army stint in Korea, he returned to Brooklyn College, finally graduating. To this day, Brooklyn College is a steady recipient of Buchwald funds.

Unsolicited Applications Are Not Accepted

Unfortunately for local grantseekers, the Buchwald Foundation does not appear to welcome unsolicited grant applications or field requests from unaffiliated nonprofits. Most Buchwald grants range from $350 to $200,000, and the funder tends to give out a few hundred thousand dollars each year. In a recent year, foundation assets stood at over $5.7 million.

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