Getting to know the Thelma Braun & Bocklett Family Foundation in Texas

Denison, texas. RaksyBH/shutterstock

Denison, texas. RaksyBH/shutterstock

Grayson County, Texas, is home to over 131,000 people living just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This county is the primary focus of quite a few foundations that prioritize local giving to their home region. One example is the Thelma Braun & Bocklett Family Foundation, which hands out around 11 grants per year. Local grantseekers looking to better understand this foundation’s interests should know a few key things.

Art and Education are Top Priorities

Many private foundations are guided by their founders’ personal interests, and the Thelma Braun & Bocklett Family Foundation is no exception. Thelma Braun played the piano and organ for local churches and organizations, and music was always important to her. Although Braun never had children of her own, she was also interested in helping young people close to home and her namesake foundation continues to support local art and education organizations today.

For example, the funder has recently awarded grants to a children’s theater in Sherman, Texas, called Theatricks, as well as the Denison Independent School District and the Grayson County Shelter. On rarer occasions, the foundation will consider broader local needs, including health, crisis services, community development, recreation, and disasters.

There are Two Annual Deadlines

There are two opportunities each year to get involved with the Thelma Braun & Bocklett Family Foundation. This foundation has established two annual deadlines—January 1 and August 1—to receive grants. The bulk of the grants are for one year in duration, and can range from $20,000 to $100,000. However, the average award per year has been about $11,000 lately. Nonprofits in the Texas cities of Denison, Sherman, and Pottsboro tend to fare especially well with this funder.

Bank of America Manages the Foundation

Like many small, private foundations in Texas, this one is managed by Bank of America, N.A. As trustee for the foundation, Bank of America accepts online applications from local grantseekers and notifies applicants of its decisions by letter. After the January 1 and August 1 deadlines, applicants can expect to receive a decision from the staff within two to three months. This is a very streamlined application process that is all online and easily accessible for grantseekers in Grayson County.

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