Another Big Gift to NYU Langone, With a Twist

Another February, another giant gift to NYU Langone from Laura and Isaac Perlmutter.

So it would seem, anyway. Last year, the Perlmutters gave $50 million to Langone, which renamed its cancer center the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone as a result. By comparison, this year's grant is modest—$9 million, intended to help kick start new research projects at the cancer center and establish a cutting-edge research facility at Technion’s Haifa campus.

Oh yeah, we should mention: The $9 million gets split between NYU Langone and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. $3 million goes for kicking off cancer research projects at Langone, and $6 million is for establishing a similar facility at Technion. The goal is cancer metabolomics—how a cancer’s metabolism can be controlled or contained through drugs and other treatments.

The roots of this and the Perlmutters’ other giving can be found in their charitable history. Like any dutiful millionaire’s wife, Laura began with volunteering. She worked in Langone hospital’s gift shop in the 1980s, eventually rising to become president of its Tisch Hospital Auxiliary, a position she held for seven years, from 1985 to 1992. Since 1985, Laura has been a trustee for the hospital, and since 2005, she has served on its Cancer Advisory Board. Her interest in healthcare philanthropy has been deep, dogged, and essentially lifelong.

Though her husband’s commitment has been declared more recently, it seems that together, they’ve become a bit of a Langone power couple, bankrolling substantial progress toward big cancer breakthroughs at the hospital.

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"NYU Langone and the Technion have a shared, longstanding commitment to advancing cancer research," said Dafna Bar-Sagi, senior vice president and vice dean for science at NYU Langone, who helped establish the NYU Langone-Technion partnership. "We are now at a great moment in our institutions' illustrious histories, a point from which we can jointly leverage the talent and creativity of our researchers toward accelerating breakthroughs. The foresight and the generosity of the Perlmutters, particularly at this time of financial challenge in funding for basic research, will have tremendous impact."