This Real Estate Developer Supports Community Hospitals and Health Centers

Founded in 2002, the Majestic Realty Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Majestic Realty, a real estate development firm that specializes in building business parks “that serve communities.” By extension, it built a foundation to further “enhance the quality of life” in those communities, with the recognition that “needs were growing rapidly,” by focusing on five “key investment areas”: Youth, Education, Family, Health and Violence Prevention.

Health is listed fourth, but don't read too much into that. In terms of the Majestic Realty Foundation's recent giving history, the category is more aptly described as first-among-equals (perhaps tied with youth development). This might reflect the way the health programming aligns with the foundation's seven-word “Guiding Principles”: Vision, Leadership, Passion, Commitment, Caring, Creativity and Collaboration.

The Majestic Realty Foundation's health giving includes an emphasis on support of community hospitals and health centers, which echoes their desire to look after their communities—in this case by supporting other big real estate footprints in the areas where the corporate side builds.

In terms of those communities: your hopsital or health center must operate in one of the eight areas the foundation funds: the Los Angeles area, Atlanta, Dallas-Forth Worth, Denver/Aurora, Las Vegas, Bethlehem, PA, and California's San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire.

Where the foundation is less restrictive: it funds general operating costs as well as program support. It also declares an interest in leveraging other matching funds grants you may have received—stating that as a priority way of giving, in fact.

Recent hospital and health center grantees include:

The Majestic Realty Foundation has an open LOI, inviting submissions year-round. 


Fran Inman, President