Besides Meditation, What's This Billionaire Up to in Mental Health?

We've written about top hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio before. A self-proclaimed mediocre student, Dalio found his way to success and confidence through transcendental meditation.

Apart from giving somewhere upwards of $10 million dollars over the years to filmmaker David Lynch's foundation for consciousness-based education and mental health, he's given to a number of different traditional mental health groups as well. Here's a few things you need to know.

1. He Cares About Bipolar Disorder

In 2012, Dalio gave $1.5 million to Johns Hopkins University to support bipolar research, and the foundation has funded a number of other research projects in this same area. FERMI in Maryland was given $500,000 to research, among other things, the bipolar disorder rate in immigrants. The Center for Bipolar Theraputics was recently gifted $252,000 to support another bipolar study. A steady stream of money has also gone to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in Chicago, though these gifts have only been in the $1,000 range.

2. Other Organizations Have Seen Money, Too

The Dalio Foundation has, in recent years, funded the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery in New York, the Manic Depressive Illness Foundation, the Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation ($185,000 in 2012), the ALS Therapy Development Foundation, the New York Center for Autism, and has even gifted the Special Olympics with small amounts. 

3. It Could Be Just Starting

As a signatory of the Giving Pledge, Dalio and his wife Barbara are set to give away the majority of their money to philanthropy. With a net worth of $15.2 billion and a series of big gifts that have swelled the size of his family foundation, Dalio is someone to keep an eye on, especially because his mental health fight appears personal. What's more, Dalio's son Matthew has been an active global philanthropist since founding China Care in 2000. If it's not the Dalios giving away their money, it might be the kids. 

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