AT&T: Grants for Science Education

OVERVIEW: AT&T supports college and career readiness with emphasis on STEM education and community development.

IP TAKE: AT&T funds grants though both corporate and foundation funding streams, but the vast majority of its grantmaking happens through hidden channels with little accessibility to organizations that do not already have a relationship with AT&T. The only exceptions are AT&T’s open competitions—which do not seem to follow a regular schedule.

PROFILE: AT&T and the AT&T Foundation support “nonprofit organizations and programs that foster inclusion and create opportunities for diverse populations.” The foundation prioritizes STEM education in college and “remains focused on improving opportunities for STEM learning in K-12 education while helping at-risk youth prepare for work in the 21st century.” Currently, AT&T Aspire provides the best way to secure funding for science education through the foundation.

The Aspire program is subdivided into four funding priorities. Powering Career Skills works to prepare students for careers in the tech industry. Making Connections partners with “nonprofit education groups to connect students to mentors” to “provide opportunities to learn life skills.” Supporting What Works is a community support initiative that funds organizations “with proven strategies to help students achieve” and “graduation rates rise.” Finally, Mobilizing Learning seeks to find new and innovative ways to use technology to improve students’ access to education. Organizations “on a mission to use technology to enhance learning and help every student achieve a bright, successful future” can apply using AT&T’s Aspire Accelerator.

Grantseekers should check AT&T’s Philanthropy Highlights page and its Collaborators and Supporters page for detailed information on past grantmaking. Additionally, new grantseekers can begin the inquiry process for the Aspire program via the foundation’s Aspire Funding Inquiry page.