Here’s a Great Opportunity for Mental Health Providers in North Carolina

Just take a drive through scenic North Carolina this summer, and your eyes will be delighted with lush green foliage in all directions. While the Evergreen Foundation might sound like an environmental funder, it’s actually a mental health grantmaker, and a great one to know in the state.

The Evergreen Foundation was established by Smoky Mountain Mental Health in 1977 to serve people in the seven western counties of North Carolina who have mental health issues. This includes people with developmental delays and substance abuse problems.

The big news at this time is that the Evergreen Foundation is currently accepting applications from private service providers in the region. This is a funder that’s looking to help you pay for start-up costs, infrastructure support, and service provisions. It’s also open to giving out scholarships to enhance the provider network, boost public awareness about mental health conditions and advocate on behalf of mental health patients and providers.

You can expect these new grants to be between $5,000 and $30,000 each. This funder gives out about 25 to 30 grants per fiscal year on a quarterly basis. Just to give you a sampling of past grantees for comparison, Evergreen has supported Meridian Behavioral Health Services, Jackson County Psychological Services, and The ARC of Haywood County in the past.

This isn’t a funder that shies away from start-up organizations and programs, so feel free to pitch your new and innovative idea. A large part of this funder’s strategy is providing infrastructure supports, but it’s also really into public awareness and advocacy on behalf of consumers and providers. To keep up with what this funder cares about at any given time, check out its article section. Recent topics of interest have been quality of life for people with Autism, forensic interview training, depression, suicide prevention, and youth support.

The deadline for the September 2016 grants is August 31 by 5:00 pm, so mark your calendars and hurry up. Applications will be reviewed at the foundation board meeting on September 23. The next application deadline will come in December. Again, to be eligible for any Evergreen Foundation, you must serve the communities of the seven western counties of the state: Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon, and Swain.