What's Todd Wagner up to These Days? One Tech Billionaire's Next Philanthropy Play

Everybody knows Mark Cuban, but the name Todd Wagner is less likely to ring a bell. Wagner was co-founder with Cuban of Broadcast.com, and they both became instant billionaires when the company was acquired in 1999.

Cuban went on to achieve a high profile as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, while Wagner invested in some entertainment companies (with Cuban) and largely faded from public view, at least nationally.

In Dallas, though, Wagner is well-known for his local philanthropic efforts over the past 15 years, including many education initiatives. 

Lately, Wagner has been pouring money into a new project called Chideo, a digital video network that helps charities market themselves and connects them with potential donors.

This week our Tech and Finance Editor, Michael Gentilucci, takes a look at Todd Wagner's background and philanthropic record in a new profile for our Tech Philanthropists guide. He looks at where Wagner's been with his giving, and where he's going with Chideo. 

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