A Bank Foundation Pays Attention to Employment for Veterans

Even with slow but steady improvements in the economy, millions of people are still out of work and ill-equipped to find decent-paying jobs. Bank foundations have traditionally been big supporters of workforce development, but mostly for youth employment.


But some of these funders also have an idea on other chronically unemployed populations, particularly veterans.

A case in point: The Bank of America Foundation just awarded a $32,500 grant to New Hampshire’s Harbor Homes to allow the nonprofit to expand its veteran employment services.

The group’s Veteran Reintegration Program has several stages: first, assessing the individual’s needs and developing a plan for any necessary supportive services and housing; and second, developing a strategy for attaining and retaining meaningful employment, including training and economic development through job creation.

Bank of America Foundation’s workforce funding approach has largely focused on youth through school completion, skill development, financial education, and mentoring. But clearly, it has other concerns in this space, too.