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Whether you're new to fundraising or an old hand, you will find useful information in IP's funding guides. The guides are written by our staff and updated constantly to reflect changes in funders and trends. 

We work to get inside foundations—and into the heads of top individual donors—to explain who is funding what and why, what's new, and how to make the right pitch. 

You can use the search tool below to explore thousands of profiles of institutional and individual funders. So be sure also to browse our various guides which organize funders by industry, issue, and geographic place. You must be a paid subscriber to view full funder profiles. (Subscribe here.)



The world of philanthropy is changing fast as new givers emerge, with large fortunes from top industries like tech and finance. Major individual donors are making more large gifts to fields like higher education, medicine, and the arts. Foundation staff change often. Explore the guides below to learn more.


Want to get in touch with grantmakers? PeopleFinder has emails and other contact info for over 9,000 foundation program officers and executives. (Only paid subscribers can access the database.)


Meet the leading donors from the tech community. Tech Philanthropists features profiles of top givers who've made their fortunes in Silicon Valley and are now bankrolling a range of causes. (Paid subscribers only.)


We're tracking the many new top philanthropists from finance. Wall Street Donors includes profiles of givers from finance, looking at what they fund. (Paid subscribers only.)


Numerous new philanthropists have emerged from the entertainment and media industry. In Glitzy Givers, we profile these donors, looking at who's giving for what, and why. (Paid subscribers only.)


Explore individual giving to colleges and universities with Campus Cash, who's giving to what on campuses, what motivates these donors, and how major gifts are cultivated


Real Estate Givers explores top major donors who've made their fortunes in real state, looking at who's giving for what across the United States. (Paid subscribers only.)


The world of Jewish donors giving to Jewish causes has been growing fast, with many major new philanthropists emerging in this area. In Jewish Funders, we profile the top givers. (Paid subscribers only.)



Explore what funders are doing in over 35 different issue areas. Find the foundations that are a right match for your organization or program. Each funding guide below includes a detailed look at the priorities and strategies of every top funder working an issue, as well practical tips on how to make contact and submit a proposal.  



Find out what funders are giving to in your areas by clicking on one of the metro guides below. Every guide profiles over dozens foundations in each region, explaining what funders are working on, their guidelines for giving, top program officers, and how to approach them.