If you have questions about your subscription, you've come to the right place. We're committed to helping you quickly resolve any issues that come up, and happy to answer your questions. Our goal is that you be entirely satisfied with your experience with Inside Philanthropy

Subscription FAQs

When you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation email. Afterward, you will be automatically logged in when you visit the site (unless you are coming from a different computer or device). You don't need to log in each time. Read below to answer questions you have may have about your subscription. 

How Do I Login?

If you're a subscriber, Inside Philanthropy should recognize you and automatically log you in. No further action is needed to access all content. If the site doesn't recognize you and you're hitting the paywall, log in at the bottom of the paywall screen using the email and password associated with the account. Or visit the My Account page to log in. After logging in you'll then be able to access all the content on the site. 

How Do I View My Account Information?

If you want to see or change your account information, visit the My Account page. Log in using the confirmation email you signed up with and the password you created. Once you've logged in, you can see and modify your account information.

How Do I Generate a Receipt?

Save the email confirmation of your subscription as a receipt. For additional receipts, visit the My Account page. Log in and click on Payments & History. You can get the info needed for a receipt by printing the transaction through your browser or taking a screenshot. Problems? Email us at support@insidephilanthropy.org and we'll help.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription? 

To cancel your subscription OR stop auto-renewal, log in to your user account at the My Account page. To turn off the auto-renew, click on the green oval, you'll have full access to IP until your subscription expires. To cancel your subscription, which will revoke access immediately, click on the arrow next to Manage, then on cancel. You can also cancel by emailing your request to support@insidephilanthropy.org. Click to expand the screenshot examples below

How Do I Change My Password?

Log in at the My Account page. Then click User Profile.  

How Do I Change My Method of Payment?

To update your payment method, log in at the My Account page. Then click on the arrow next to Manage, then Update renewal payment method. 

How Do I Change the Email Associated with My Account?

Log in at the My Account page. Then click User Profile.  

How Do I Change from a Monthly to an Annual Subscription?

To do this, turn off the auto-renew of your subscription following the steps above. You will still have access to the site until your month of paid subscription ends. After your subscription lapses, sign up for an annual subscription. 

How Do I Stop Automatically Renewal for My Subscription?

Log in at the My Account page and switch off auto-renew. 

I’m a Subscriber, But I Keep Hitting a Pop-up Window Blocking Content

If you’re hitting the pop-up window asking you to subscribe, and can’t access content, you’re not logged in. Click the link at bottom of the window to login using your email and password. Reset your password if you’ve forgetten it.

Why Is My Email Not Being Recognized?

If your email isn't recognized by the system when you're logging in, double check to make sure you are using the email you signed up with. See if you can locate the original confirmation of your subscription by searching your inboxes using the words "Inside Philanthropy Subscription." Or email us at support@insidephilanthropy.org and we'll help. 

I’m Using the Right Email, But Still Can’t Access the Site

If you’re doing everything right, and you’re still blocked from accessing content on the site, double check at My Account page to verify that you are an active paid subscriber and that your subscription hasn’t lapsed. Then, try doing the following: a) clear cookies and cache in your browser; b) enable third-party cookies; and c) turn off any adblock apps and also make sure that your browser allows standard pop-ups. Users often encounter problems logging in because third-party cookies are not enabled on their browser, so make sure they are!

I Was Accidentally Billed, How Do I Get a Refund?

If you feel you were billed against your wishes and want a refund, please email us at support@insidephilanthropy.org

Do You Offer a Group or Institutional Rate?

No. We only offer one set of rates. But one subscription account can be shared among members of the same institution. 

Do You Offer a Student Discount?

No, not at this time. But we will occasionally provide complimentary access for researchers studying philanthropy.

Can I Pay by Check?

If you want to pay by check, please email us at support@insidephilanthropy.org. We'll send you an invoice and establish an account once we receive payment. 

Other Questions or Problems?

Please direct queries about your account to us at support@insidephilanthropy.org